Thank you all so much for coming by the page and checking out our products. We are a small but growing candle and bath/body company established in 2020 by no other than Moi, Tylisha. I began a self-healing journey in 2019 that led me to utilize candles for spiritual work. I then began researching candles with crystals and how to create ritual candles that are dressed with botanicals and healing crystals. As I embarked on this journey, the pandemic hit us like a ton of bricks. I felt so much anxiety and fear about what the world was going through. What I didn't realize is that the pandemic was a blessing in disguise for myself and many others. I would take the old glass j stepped out on faith and began creating my own brand, and relying on my own products due to the quick shortages and stay-at-home orders. I wanted to ensure I had myself to depend on when I needed anything. I decided to learn how to garden, create bath products, and understanding how to run a business.  I hoped on Youtube, found forums, found Facebook groups which I had no idea how many people actually made their own candles!! It was then I told myself, " Hey girlfriend; you can do this). I then began to think about bath and body care because we all needed a little self-care during this pandemic. After some stress, I decided to launch my business in March of 2021. I know that the process is slow and steady, but I am excited for you all to shop everything in my store. 

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